STEEL MASTER :  Design of Structutral Steel, Trusses, Columns
Steel-Master Software is for the design of steel structures, like industrial sheds, trusses, columns, gantry girders, portal frames, Multistoried platforms and towers etc. It has many pre-defined truss and frame configurations. It calculates the dead load, live load and wind load automatically. It also generates section-wise quantities of items. Rolled sections like angles, channels, hollow box or tubular sections can be used in design. It comes with a Built-Up section Editor, with which user can create his own Library of frequently used sections.

Click on Steel-Master Salient Features Link to download pdf file, which will briefly explain Salient features of the software.

Click on Steel-Master SampleRun Link to download the ppt file, It Shows actual screen shots of the software.

Steel-Master software has various modules:
(1) Steel Section Design (2) Steel Section Library  (3) Truss and Frame Analysis  (4) Truss and Frame Design  (5) Steel Weld Design

Steel Section Design : Shows How the Column and Beam sections will be designed using this utility. It will also checks the section design is ok for given load or not.
Steel Section Library : Shows How to prepare Steel Section libraries.
Truss and Frame Design : Shows How to design Trusses and Frames using standard shapes and user defined shapes. And also shows Sectionwise quantities.
   Steel-Master Info. Downloads
    Steel-Master Salient Features  (PDF File)
    Steel-Master Sample Run  (PDF File)

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