FORMULATOR:    Project Quantity Estimator Software
Quantity Estimation Work involves a lot of cumbersome calculations using various formulae. The use of spreadsheets (like MS-Excel) is a widely accepted practice, but it involves a tedious work of Linking of cells. Formulae are hidden inside cells and are not visible. They are in terms of Cell Nos (A1, B1 etc.) and not easily understandable. It is now possible to reduce all these hassles by using FORMULATOR a revolutionary software introduced by ENSOFT, for an easy and quick way of estimating quantities involved in Construction works.

Click on Formulator Introduction Link to download pdf file, which will give you a brief introduction of the software.

Click on Formulator Sample Run Link to download the pdf file, which will show you a step by step procedure of how program will calculate quantities with manual entry.

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    Formulator Salient Features  (PDF File) Formulator Sample Run (PDF File)
    Formulator Introduction  (PDF File)
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